Tired Eyes

Why do we get dark circles under our eyes ?

  • lack of sleep
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Dehydration
  • Genetics
  1. When you are tired or do not get enough sleep, it causes your skin to become dull and pale which allows for darker tissue & blood vessels underneath to be more visible. It will also cause fluid to build up under your eyes which make them look puffy
  1. Lack of iron, B12 and vitamin K can cause your body to have poor oxygen circulation, this cause your bluish vibes to be more pronounced under your eyes where your skin is very thin.
  1. Too much sun and not enough sunscreen. The pigment surrounding your eyes will darken due to over sun exposure.
  1. When you are dehydrated, you eyes may become dull and sunken in due to how close the skin is to the bone. Giving the appearance or dark under eye circles.
  1. Some you just got it from your mamma. It can be inherited from your parents, and worsen as you age if not taken care of properly.

How do you get ride of them ?


Make sure you are getting enough sleep and water during the day. Also eat enough K-friendly foods and go for regular blood checks to make sure your body is healthy and balanced.


cold compression helps a lot, cold rolling everyday or cold jelly mask will bring down the puffiness and help shrink displayed blood vessels.

Two cold soaked tea bags help, green tea contains caffeine & antioxidants that will help stimulate blood circulation and shrink blood vessels.

Also coming in for a chemical peel or microneedling session will help get rid of those dark circles.

Take care of your skin, it will Thank you when you’re older.

Talk soon



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