Why get a facial ?


10 reasons to get a facial

  1. Heathy complexion

Everyone has the best intentions of using face masks at home on a regular basis, but even when we do, the results are never the same as a professional facial. Having a healthy complexion is not only good for overall skin health, it also boosts our self-confidence.


  1. Lymphatic drainage

Most facials will include some sort of facial, neck and head massage. WARNING: this will cause major relaxation! Lymphatic drainage is amazing for getting rid of toxins and fluid retention. When these fluids are flushed, it promotes circulation which results in a youthful glow


  1. Deep cleansing

Deep cleaning makes up for lazy tendencies to not wash your face every day and every night. For those who live in the city, pollution can be extremely difficult to get out of your pores but with a deep cleansing facial, all of those pollutants can be removed without irritating or drying out the skin. Deep cleansing is great for brightening and rejuvenating the skin


  1. Anti-aging

We only have one skin so let’s take care of it! Early prevention treatments can help will cell regeneration, boost collagen and circulation and maintain overall healthy skin. These are not only great anti-aging remedies, but intense treatments such as micro-needling work wonders for anti-aging.


  1. High tech treatments

Some things can only be done by professionals. High tech treatments can benefit skin that needs more intense treatments. High-Frequency treatments can stimulate deeper layers of the skin, this is a gentle, yet effective anti-aging tool. For those with acne and breakouts, High-Frequency treatments can be used to kill bacteria, reduce redness, strengthen the skin and stimulate collagen.


  1. Alleviate stress levels

Life is busy, stressful and it shows in your skin! Most of the time we don’t take enough time to pamper ourselves or take care of our mental health. Facials help us release stress and regain balance. One peaceful hour can make all the difference in the day.


  1. Seasonal skin changes

Just like the leaves change with the seasons, so does our skin. Temperature,

humidity, altitude and sunlight effect our skin in many ways. During the colder seasons, intense hydration is a must. A hydration facial will restore the lack of moisture in your skin and sooth any irritation from the harsh cold. In the spring, a detoxifying facial will brighten up your skin for the upcoming warm months. In the summer time, calming skin damage and protecting skin from the sun is the first priority. Then finally, in the fall, facials can prep your skin for the colder months ahead.


  1. Instant results

Using expensive serums and face creams will do nothing for your skin if your pores and clogged and ruddy. When you get facials on a regular basis you will get the most out of your costly skincare. If you have an event coming up and you need a boost in complexion, facials can give you instant results. Treatments with hyaluronic acid or collagen are able to give an instant plumping effect.


  1. Home skincare guidelines

Not only to facials provide you will great instant results, but they get you familiar with your skin and what you should be doing at home. Skincare specialists are able to diagnose common skin issues that you might not even know you have. They can then give you advice on what products and treatments to use.


  1. Treat yourself

You deserve it! This is the biggest reason why you should get a facial. Kick off 2019 treating yourself and becoming the best version of yourself.

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