Vitamins ? Yes please.


Let’s talk multivitamins for your acne prone skin 👌🏼

• • Magnesium ~ this taken with calcium will help fight against inflammation ( acne is inflammatory )

• • Omega -3s ~ This will improve your over all skin, leaving it feeling softer and clearer.

• • Zinc ~ Zinc deficiency is VERY common for women, this can cause our pores to be easily Irritated and red.

• • Probiotic ~ a common symptom for a damaged microbiome ( micros’ genes ) is acne and other issues like rosacea. This can make a big difference for those who suffer from hormonal acne. If you’ve been on the pill or antibiotics for a long time, then probiotics may be exactly when your skin needs to bounce back.

• • Vitamin Bs ~ This will help improve your skin health and leave you with glowing skin. Especially Vitamin B3, it will help improve acne, eczema, sun damage, dry skin and more.

These are all MUST HAVE vitamins, especially if you suffer from acne !!
If you start today, you will see a difference once your skin cells have completely renewed in 28 days.

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