Cold Rolling


Im sure you’ve heard about cold rolling or seen the stone rollers, but have you thought about getting one ?

These jade rollers can make a world of difference on your skin.

Not only will they help your skin seal in product better but they help de-poof your face and help reduce the appearance of acne.

How you may ask ?

Well, you keep these rollers int he fridge to make them extra cold, then when you roll them on your face ( Always press a little firmer from your nose outwards ) you are helping your lymphatic system drain the extra fluid that causes your face to look poofy.

The cold also reduces inflammation in acne and your skin, so if you have rosacea then this can help reduce the appearance and if you have a pimple this reduces the swelling, helps ease the pain and allows the pimple to heal quicker.

These little guys also help get rid of dark circles under our eyes, help reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and minimize the the appearance of those pesky pores we all hate so much.

Jade cold rollers are the little piece of heaven you didn’t know you needed, trust me when i say you wont regret buying one.

Till next time xox




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