How clean is your skin ?

Whats the best cleanser ?

A frequent question asked by clients.

I ran a little experiment with makeup, cleansers and orange. Yes, oranges. The skin of an orange is much like the skin on our face in regards to the uneven surface. Our skin may feel smooth but in reality we have many little pores and wrinkles that trap makeup & dirt. So when we go to wash our face at the end of the day, we may think our skin is clean but truth be told, is it really ?


What cleanser works best ?

first, we tried a sensitive skin foam cleanser, nothing special just a natural rose base cleanser for sensitive skin that gets all foamy. As you can see in the top orange, not all the pores were cleaned, much of the mascara and lipstick was left and the orange its self had a dull finish.

Second, we tried a cleansing milk, a natural probiotic age defying cleansing milk that doesn’t require water but we used a bit. It took off the mascara great, but did not clean the lipstick and foundation off properly but did leave the skin with more of a shinny finish.

Third, we used a active charcoal coconut base cleanser, this also foams up with water. This cleanser worked the best out of all 5, for cleaning the foundation off, but still left some mascara and lipstick in the pores. It left the surface of the orange the cleanest.

Fourth, we tried a oil makeup-remover cleanser. This cleaned off all the lipstick and mascara but did not clean deep enough into the pores, also left the orange with a matte finish.

The final cleanser was a cream base cleanser, this will foam ever so slightly. This cleanser also cleaned the surface every well but you can still see left over makeup in all the little pores, leaving the skin with a shinny finish.

Now, we only cleansed the oranges once, i’m sure a double cleanse would have made an even big difference but truly how many people take the time to cleanse twice. We also used a primer, foundation, blush, lipstick and mascara from Saphora on each orange to get as accurate results as possible.

We came to the conclusion that a softer cleanser, like the sensitive foaming wash and milk cleanser, did not work as well as the other three so we moved those three cleansers onto test #2.


Makeup wipes, water and Cleansing pad …

Our second test started with using a coconut based makeup removing wipe. As you can see, it did not take of the foundation properly, the orange was dull and the pores are plugged.

Second, we tried to just use warm water and a face cloth. I don’t even think I need to tell you whats wrong with this image. Don’t do. Go buy a cleanser.

The last three oranges we used the active charcoal, oil base and cream cleanser WITH a facial cleansing pad.


This little silicon pad can be bought anywhere for less than $5, and as you can see in the last 3 pictures, all the makeup was cleaned off. The little bristles help clean out the all the groves on your skin as long with helps exfoliate.



What did we think after the experiment ?

A foam cleanser doesn’t mean it will wash your makeup off, and that you want to make sure you’re getting a cleanser fit for your skin type. If you have oily skin, don’t get a oil based cleanser, but instead maybe a cream cleanser to help nourish and hydrate. If you have dry skin, don’t get something harsh that could dry your skin out more, maybe a oil cleanser would work best.

Whats for sure though, is cleansers alone are not enough. You need something to help clean deeper and exfoliate more. 100% DO NOT JUST USE WATER !!!

You can decide how you want you skin too look.

Top half – only cleanser or makeup wipe

Bottom half – cleanser with cleansing pad

Do you want your skin to look like the top half or bottom half ?

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