The toxic truth about face masks


Have you ever tried one ?

Face masks come in all different types, colours and textures. You can buy a s sheet mask, mud mask, pull off mask, clay mask and more. They can be patterned, sparkling, gold & silver, foaming and MORE  !!

Thats why they are so much fun, the packaging alone makes you want to buy one and then we see all these influencers on social media posting about them. So how can you resist looking like a fluffy grey cloud ?

But what are you really putting on your face ?


What types of masks are there ?

Clay mask –  Usually found in powder form, designed to help clean out plugged pores and congestion by pulling the skin tight as it drys, also helps mildly exfoliate. Careful to only leave these masks on 5-10 mins as they can strip your skin of its natural oils.Great for oily, acne and congested skin

Sheet mask – Synthetic or organic based sheet soaked in a serum made up from many different types of ingredients. Great to apply before a big night out as it leaves your skin dewy and glowing, also fun for a night in especially when it has an animal print on it or foams up as it sits on your face. Great for all skin types but oily, acne and sensitive skin must be careful.

Cream mask – Goes on like a thick cream, doesn’t dry or fully get absorbed, and can be found is some interesting scents like chocolate or rose. Designed to nourish your skin but is time consuming because usually must sit for 10-20 minutes and then be washed off. Great for normal to dry skin types.

Gell mask – Applied in a thin – moderate layer that usually gets fully absorbed, this masks is mainly for sensitive – dry skin types or used post treatments to help sooth and hydrate skin.

Exfoliating mask –  Usually comes in a scrub or acid based to help remove dead skin, the scrub has a rough texture and the acid based may commonly have glycolic or lactic acid but some are made up from active fruit enzymes.  Great for anti aging purposes or acne prone skin, people with sensitive skin should be careful .

Thermal mask – Designed to heat up the skin to increase blood circulation and allow for a deeper clean between wrinkles, fine lines and pores. Best for mature and aging skin.

Peel-off mask – This mask will dry and peel off in one swoop, some of you may have seen the famous charcoal peel off mask all over social media. In theory it peels off the dead skin and impurities on the outer skin layer but be warned, this mask type can be harsh on your skin, causing damage to the elasticity, collagen production and texture. For all skin types but no recommend.

Sleeping mask –  Can be cream or gell based but it is applied before you go to bed and will slowly work over night so you wake up with plump hydrated skin. Great for aged skin.

What ingredients to avoid.


1. Parabens

  • benzylparaben
  • butyiparaben
  • propylparaben
  • methylparaben
  • ethylparaben
  • isobutylparaben

2. Benzoyl peroxide

3. Hydroquinone

4. Petroleum

  • Petrolatum
  • Xylene
  • Toluene
  • Mineral oil
  • Liquid paraffin

5. Perfume

6. Sodium lauryl sulfate

7. BHA

8. Polyethylene/PEGs

9. Retinyl palmitate, retinyl acetate, retinoic acid and retinol

10. “Fragrance”

11. Alcohol

Many of these ingredients can worsen acne, trigger breakouts, dry out your skin, affect your cells, destroy your collagen production and much more.


How to know if its a good product

There are a lot of products that will tell you it has organic ingredients or its ” all natural” but in reality it contains some aloe vera along with 5 chemicals, so truly what are you spending $70 PLUS on and what is it doing to your skin ?

If you want to know you are getting your moneys worth but don’t want to google all the ingredients, here are some tips for a quick and easy break down.

  1. Does it say None-GMO ?
  2. Does it say cruelty free ?
  3. Does it say Chemical free ?
  4. Can you pronounce most of the ingredient ?
  5. Are the advertised natural ingredients at the top of the list ?
  6. Where did you buy it ?

These are great tips because a few of them are a dead giveaway, like if your buying you’re products at planet organic then you can rest assure its unlikely to be filled with harmful chemicals, and if the natural ingredients are at the top of the list then at least you know there is more of the good stuff than the bad.


Now there are many more harmful chemicals, than what I have listed, found in you skincare and makeup. And just because it says organic or natural doesn’t mean its good.

You should always do your own research when it comes to the products you use on your body, a long with what you read on the internet.

Don’t cheap out on your skincare or makeup • Just because its expensive doesn’t mean its good for you skin.


Play it safe when your playing around with face masks, your skin absorbs those ingredients. Your skin is the largest organ apart of your body, isn’t it worth the 10 min research before slapping on the product ?


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