Moisturize !!

Do you moisturize your whole body ?AfterlightImage 6

If your answer is no then trust me, you will want to keep reading. If your answer is yes then give yourself a pat on the back because you rock.

Why is it so important ?

While a hot shower/bath can be relaxing and a must during winter, it isn’t the best thing for your skin. Hot water strips your skin of its natural oil barrier, the thing that protects it against the cold winter air. That’s why your arms and legs may look dull and flaky, or you may get itchy and your skin feels tight.

Using the right kind of moisturizer for your skin can help maintain it’s balance. When skin is too dry or too oily, many common skin problems like acne start to pop up. Scars and blemish are more visible, along with wrinkles and fine lines. Many people who breakout one their face and body will think it better to be dry, NO, it’s waaay better to be hydrated !! Dehydrated skin won’t heal properly, so you’re more likely to scar and take longer to heal.

Mono Gohara, a dermatologist at Yale University, says ” Your skin absolutely needs moisturizer.”

ESPECIALLY when you live somewhere dry and cold like Calgary, Alberta. Your skin can naturally be dehydrated because of the environment its exposed to. The fact that most of us arn’t drinking the daily recommended amount of water, doesn’t help.

Have you ever look at your grandparents skin and thought to yourself, ” It’s so thin and easily bruised or torn”

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, moisture is essential to skin health and prevents injury and skin loss.

Now everyones genetics play a part in how your skin may age, but if you can make a difference and maybe even prevent some early or severe signs of aging, wouldn’t you ?

If yes, then start moisturizing your whole damn body !! Your face and hands may need it more than just once a day, and during winter its better to use a body butter than a lotion/yogurt because its thicker and will protect your skin better. But come summer time you don’t need that thick heavy cream, just something light to help keep it healthy. There are more ways to help your body age better, like having a healthy diet and using proper sunscreen.

If you always thought it was normal to have dull flaky skin, then I’m here to tell you it’s never too late to get that all year summer time glow. It’s a proven fact that hydrated skin stays tanned longer. I always get asked about my tan during winter and my secret is that I use a body butter after every shower/bath. I also stay on top of my sunscreen during summer so that I don’t burn plus, I exfoliate once a week.

My favorite lotions.

During winter I use one of the following • Almond milk body butter, honey body butter or shea body butter from the body shop. Then during summer I use a lighter body lotion/yogurt in the same lines.

For my face, I use the Andalou line, Sukin line or Aveeno sensitive, WITH SPF !!

I can’t stress enough the importance when it comes to moisturizing your whole body, healthy skin doesn’t start and end with your face. You have to moisturize from your head to your toes unless you like being dry and flaky … but if you don’t, then its a simple 5 min fix.

Also, moisturizing alone won’t prevent aging, it’s the harmful UV rays that really break down our collagen and cause you to age faster and worse. Using SPF face cream is so very important, not just during summer but winter too ( UV rays don’t disappear along with warm temperatures) . Make sure you are using GOOD sunscreen, frequently during the day, and it will not only prevent signs of aging but also prevent skin cancer.

Our skin is our largest organ and it literally keeps our body protected & together, don’t you think it deserves extra love and care. Don’t be that person that thinks they don’t need it and they don’t care, because no one is immune to aging or even worse, skin cancer.

Love your skin, be kind to yourself and always remember that you are beautiful.



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