How your mindset affects your skin.

Well let’s look at this plant study first … Plants and Hate Speech – IKEA’s Experiment Ikea conducted their own experiment last year, in a school in the Middle East, where they placed two plants.The plants received the same treatment in terms of water, light and fertilizer. But for 30 days the first plant was…

“If it burns, it’s working”

There is so many misconceptions when it comes to products and treatments and how to tell if they are working. The amounts of times I’ve had clients in who say things like, ” oh yes I can feel the sting, its working” ” I didn’t peel so I used more” ” My friend said her…


D E R M A P L A N I N G Swipe to see the difference between at home and professionally done 🥝 👉🏼 make sure to zoom in !! . I get frequently asked if dermaplaning at home is the same as when you pay to get it done. I also have seen…

Gut health = Skin health

    We’ve all heard the saying ” follow your gut.” But I’m here to tell you to “Listen to your gut.”       What does it mean to have a unhealthy gut ? Unhealthy Gut = Unhealthy body Numerous studies in the past two decades have linked  the quietly of your gut health…


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