D E R M A P L A N I N G Swipe to see the difference between at home and professionally done 🥝 👉🏼 make sure to zoom in !! . I get frequently asked if dermaplaning at home is the same as when you pay to get it done. I also have seenContinue reading “Dermaplaning”

Gut health = Skin health

    We’ve all heard the saying ” follow your gut.” But I’m here to tell you to “Listen to your gut.”       What does it mean to have a unhealthy gut ? Unhealthy Gut = Unhealthy body Numerous studies in the past two decades have linked  the quietly of your gut healthContinue reading “Gut health = Skin health”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Chanelle.
Welcome to my blog, where I want to share all things skin, self-love and health with you.
3 fun fact about me …
I was born in S.A but grew up in the Middle East.
I married my high-school sweetheart and he has supported all my crazy ideas since haha
I love all things food and skincare !!

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