Pre & Post care

~ Dermaplaning ~

No shaving, peels, waxing, or aggressive exfoliations one week prior to Dermaplaning treatments. You should wait 7 days after receiving Botox or Dermal Fillers to receive Dermaplaning treatments.
Avoid facial makeup/concealer prior to appointment. 


  •  Use a gentle cleanser and apply moisturizer at least twice daily for a minimum of 7 days post treatment.
  •  Avoid sun exposure as much as possible for a minimum of 3 days post treatment. If you must be in the sun, apply SPF 30 or greater, reapply often, wear a wide brimmed hat, and seek shade when possible. Be careful of sun exposure and wear sunscreen daily for 2 weeks.
  •  Avoid chlorine for 24 hours.
  •  Avoid facial waxing for 7 days.
  •  No scrubs, polishers, or aggressive brushes should be used for 7 to 14 days.
  •  Do apply serums as absorption levels will be elevated


~ Microdermabrasion ~

No shaving, peels, waxing, or aggressive exfoliations one week prior to microdermabrasion treatments. You should wait 7 days after receiving Botox or Dermal Fillers to receive microdermabrasion treatments. Avoid facial makeup/concealer prior to appointment.


  • Keep the new skin clean and moisturized
  • Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.
  • Do not use glycolic, alpha hydroxy, beta hydroxy, retinol, benzyl peroxide or topical acne medicatios for 24-48 hours following treatment.
  • You may resume prescription retinoid products (Retin A, Renova, Tretinoin, Avita, Alustra or other brands f Tretinoin and other prescription retinoid products (Adapalene, Avage, Differin, Tazorac, Tazarotene) 3 – 7 days after last microdermabrasion treatment or as instructed by your technician.
  • If you are receiving a series of treatments, do not resume any of these products until after you have completed your last medical microdermabrasion treatment


~ Chemical Peels ~


  • Avoid using of all Glycolic or chemical exfoliants.
  • Avoid using of all mechanical exfoliants, such as scrubs.
  • Avoid facial waxing.

Avoid sun exposure without a sunscreen of SPF 30 or greater. Avoid tanning beds


  • Avoid using makeup
  • Cleanse face with water and dry prior to appointment


Expect your skin to appear pink for a few hours after treatment.

Your skin may be temperature sensitive for a few days after treatment.
You may apply cool compressions prior to treatment
Make-up may be applied to cover redness as needed.
Avoid direct sunlight on the treated area and use a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen of SPF 30 or greater for 1-2 weeks after your treatment.

Keep your skin well hydrated with a protective moisturizer,

Avoid using abrasive products such as scrubs or exfoliating sponges for 7 -10 days.


  • Slight peeling for 3-5 days.
  • Water may soften dead skin cells so avoid harsh rubbing prior to showering and/or facewash.
  • Mild Itching, irritation, redness, increased sensitivity.
  • Small whiteheads.
  • Crusting is rare; however if it does occur.


~ Microneedling ~


Do not use topical agents that may increase sensitivity of skin: retinoids, topical antibiotics, exfoliants, acids that may be drying or irritating to the skin (such as alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) beta hydroxyl acids (BHA), exfoliating masks, salicylic acids, hydroquinone, and benzoyl peroxide acne products) 5-7 days prior

Do not take any anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen, Motrin or Advil for 3 days prior to treatment. These agents will interfere with the natural inflammatory process that is critical and responsible for your skin rejuvenation

Avoidance of IPL/Laser procedures, unprotected sun exposure or sunburn for 2 weeks prior

No waxing, depilatory creams or electrolysis to area being treated 5-7 days prior

No shaving the day of the procedure to avoid skin irritation. If there is dense hair present in the treatment area, closely shave the area the day before you arrive to your appointment. Moles, warts or actinic (solar) keratosis cannot be treated.

Day of Treatment-

  • Skin is clean without lotion, oil, makeup, powder, perfume or sunscreen.
  • Notify provider of any cosmetic tattoos to areas being treated.
  • Topical Lidocaine will be applied in office for 30 min prior to treatment.


Do not take any anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen Motrin or Advil for 1 week. DO NOT ice face or use arnica or bromelain. These agents may interfere with the natural inflammatory process that is critical and responsible for your skin rejuvenation.

Avoid sun tanning and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight for 2 weeks. After 24 hours, always use a full spectrum sun screen SPF30 or above. When exposed to sun, wear a hat and apply sunscreen every 2 hours.

  • Use Tylenol only as needed for any soreness
  • Optionaldietary recommendations: Eat fresh pineapple, tart cherry juice (no sugar), salmon (omega-3 fish oil), bone broth based soups, continue taking collagen 1 & 3 supplement (Collagen MD Advanced Connective Tissue Support Formula) for 2 weeks to optimize healing. Avoid dairy, wheat and sugar!

A sunburn -like effect is normal. The skin will feel tight, dry, sensitive to touch. Treat skin gently washing with a gentle cleanser, cool water, using hands only and pat dry no earlier than 4 hours after treatment. Redness or sensitivity might well be present. Some small bruising is common with PRP injections and may last up to 5-7 days and swelling can last 2-4 days depending on how aggressive of a treatment you received.

Plan social calendar accordingly!

  • Avoid strenuous exercises that cause sweating, jacuzzi, sauna or steam baths for 24 hours due to open pores, or up to 48 hours if inflammation exists.
  • Avoid using makeup the first 24 hours.
  • Sleep on your back with head of bed elevated to minimize swelling or pain as needed

Peeling may start 3-5 days after treatment. You will notice skin dryness and flaking. This is due to an increased turnover of skin cells. Do not pick, scratch or scrub at treated skin! Allow old skin to flake off naturally and keep moisturized AT ALL TIMES.

  • 5-7 Days – You may restart your regular skin care products


~ Plasmalift ~

Pre-Plasma lift treatment 

  • Before treatment, please make sure all area of skin is clean. No Coffee or Alcohol 24hrs before treatment.
  • Make sure all clothing around area is comfortable and loose. Any tight clothing in procedure area can cause irritation.
  • Be aware, a few days of downtime may be required for swelling to subside. No perfume, deodorants or any other skin products the day of treatment.
  • I recommend any client getting a Neck or Stomach procedure to go to their doctor and get a lidocaine 20% prior to treatment.
( these areas do get sensitive)
  • Please give technician 48 hours notice prior to treatment if you need to cancel.

Post-plasma lift treatment 

  • Immediately after treatment, there may be a burning sensation. This will usually resolve during the remainder of the day although if it is particularly uncomfortable or persists for a longer period, then an anti-inflammatory medication such as naproxen or ibuprofen can be taken.
  • CAUTION: DO NOT APPLY ANY CREAMS OR OINTMENT CONTAINING ALCOHOL if you are unsure best to apply nothing
  • Following treatment, it is normal to have some swelling. This can be significant around the eyes and can last for several days and may lead to interference with vision in the initial period.
  • Cold compresses may be applied to reduce the swelling. If the swelling is more severe, an anti-inflammatory medication and/or anti-histamine may help alleviate the swelling.
  • Crusting will usually develop over the treated area, this will often initially be brown or black on the surface of the skin and flake off over the following days. It may take over 2 weeks to completely disappear. It is essential to not pick at this crusting as this may lead to infection or scarring.
  • Occasionally the treated area may become a little weepy, this is part of the normal healing process and will improve with time. However, if it starts to become hot or red or if there is any pus present, then please contact the clinic for advice as this may suggest an infection has developed.
  • It is essential to keep the treatment area clean, dry and protected with a broad spectrum sunscreen. Do not use alcohol based cleansers. No Sun Screens until intial healing period. No not go out in direct sunlight after the intial healing period.